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in collaboration with Nadia Maryam

prelude— the very beginning of an attempt to surrender. the physical process in prelude continues to research the spectrum of control and release that we explored in our previous production, allow an easement ; easement being, ‘an abandonment of structure.’ it exists as a sort of game that challenges our ideas of organization and freedom. in four separate spaces, we respond to the mental and physical obstacles given to us dependent on the space we’re in. each segment gives us the degree to which we will practice the multitude of sensations that we define as ‘control’ and ‘release.’ in a balance between choreography & improvisation, we travel through this arrangement with a sense of freedom in our choices to exist in spaces together or separately. this is one of many choices we adopt in order to illustrate self-imposed tasks most organic to our notions of what it means to be completely in control, or otherwise, and the “in betweens'' of these conceptions.

Film Direction and Editing by: Simon Gulergun and Audrey Collette

Images by: Marissa Mooney

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