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allow an easement

in collaboration with Nadia Maryam

Allow an easement is a work that researches the concept of manifestation and the evolved idea of willing possibilities into existence in connection to the practice of controlling and releasing in the body. We explored ways of approaching the complex balance between control, release, and abandonment by physically and mentally allowing things to happen and finding that there’s no absolute way to control everything. Space must be given to both the body and the mind in order to let go and allow room for the expected and unexpected, progress and growth. Through this process, we discovered how easy and convenient it can be to be overwhelmed by blocked qualities, but how we can also find comfort only when we allow an easement. 

Film direction: Audrey Collette

Cinematography: Simon Gulergun

Assistant Camera: Max Harper

Lighting: Carla Linton

Images by: Rafael Hernandez

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